Christopher Rouse

Trombone Concerto

            Let’s face it, trombone concertos on symphony orchestra programs are fairly rare; concertos for piano, violin, and violoncello are the norm, and that pretty much has always been the case.  Occasionally, other instruments share the limelight, such as flute, oboe, or clarinet.  And, of the brass, the trumpet and horn usually get the call.  But, the trombone, along with its compatriot, the tuba, as well as the saxophone, and various percussion instruments, appear infrequently.  Not that there is a paucity of concertos for all of the standard orchestral instruments.  Important works for all of them have been written, and, of course, are frequently heard in music schools and conservatories, as young virtuosos and faculty members strut their stuff for their fellow musicians.  But,